eLearning is Here to Stay!

Written by HeyBrain

June 15, 2020

eLearning was once an unfamiliar term to most.  Now most people not only know the term, but they’ve experienced computer-based learning for themselves. In fact, some claim that eLearning is the future of education.  Why?  Learning that way is interactive, interesting, and fun!  Even more importantly, eLearning ties together three necessary aspects of education: skills practice, research, and communication.

More about Skills Practice

Gone are the days of passive learning.  With eLearning, students must interact and complete the work.  Not only that, but studies show that it takes much less time to train people through a computer screen than former face-to-face methods.  In this way, employees and team members can get back to work and apply what they’ve learned.  Perhaps because of this, additional research indicates that lessons learned through eLearning are retained for longer.

For instance, self-paced eLearning allows people to stop and start when needed and to practice what they are learning.  This type of flexible learning platform takes away some of the anxiety often associated with taking courses.  In addition, completed courses which sharpen the skills of those taking them.  Because of that, this additional training can lead to further job opportunities.  One of the reasons why eLearning is here to stay.

More about Research

Becoming an expert in a field often meant long hours of reading and studying in musty-smelling libraries.  No longer!  Now, instead, thousands of online academic databases hold invaluable information for anyone doing the searching.  Sometimes an answer will appear on one’s screen in minutes.

Also, people from all over the world can meet together electronically and collaborate on various projects.  No longer is a business or classroom confined to four walls.  There’s no limit to the amount of learning that can be done and shared using computers.  People can take workshops and complete courses taught by the best in the field, sharing knowledge and enhancing productivity.  In this way, collaboration through technology exponentializes what we know.  Another reason why eLearning is here to stay.

More about Communication

Those taking an eLearning course must interact.  Back in the day, some students would sit in the back and never raise a hand.  Now, participation is required.  People must communicate.  This means that everyone has a voice and must use that virtual voice to complete the training.

Computer-based learning takes the humiliation out of mastering something new.  Those participating have a chance to reread any confusing parts of the materials and try again to complete tasks and exercises.  In this way, the training becomes self-paced and self-directed.  They can focus on the lessons that are the most meaningful and applicable to the positions they hold.  Yet another reason why eLearning is here to stay.

More about eLearning

Whichever side of the teacher’s desk you’re on – instructor or student – eLearning is here to stay. Because of that, HeyBrain is launching soon. Learn from high-quality online courses in a variety of topics, skill levels, and more.  HeyBrain is an online learning and teaching marketplace with a web and a mobile app. Get on the list so you’ll find out when this eLearning app launches.  Be in the know!